Musical Monday: Nice Dub, Bro

You may be familiar with Lip Dubs: A combination of lip synching and audio dubbing, so it looks like the “performer” is actually making the sound happen. They’re usually done in a single take, which is sometimes very impressive because a lot can happen in 3-4 minutes!

In the lip dub we’re looking at here, a group of teenagers from Tampa perform a single-take lip dub that involves costumes, pools, bikes and songs from four Disney movies:



I especially love the kid who can’t remember the extremely simple lyrics as he leaves the house (and again in the lanai). Also: the dinosaur. Because I totally forgot the Little Foot crossover in The Lion King. But all kidding aside, I love how this ends … and the awesomeness of the fact that the camera man apparently hops onto the back of a pickup truck (?) so he can keep rolling as Aladdin and Jasmine take off on bikes.

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