Musical Monday: Mash That Up

Today’s topic is: Silly dancing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was having kind of a low day. Just sleepy, a little stressed out at work, a lot of things to do before the day could be considered done.

I went to a local bagel place at lunch time, and there, as I waited in line to order some foodstuffs, was a man giving away samples of some kind of juice. I did not want his juice, but he was relentlessly cheerful, and he sing-songed the praises of his wears … and eventually we ended up doing a little dance together right there in line for bagels.

It was so silly and stupid, but it made me smile … and it ultimately completely turned my day around. So I am a big proponent of silly dancing.

Which brings me to the actual topic of today’s post: ridiculously fun mashups made by DJ Smith Agent Smith (created when he went by DJ Do You) for you to do some silly dancing to.

Stuntin Like Mufasa

True Fact: I am not the biggest Lil Wayne fan ever, but this is just too perfect, and the hyenas at the end of the video just make it for me. Try not to shake your hips and shrug your shoulders. Maybe you’ll even get some crazy interpretive arm movements going.

Snow White Girl

I really dig the way this guy smooshes together kind of hard, negative rap songs (in this case, White Girl and Gold Digger, which are about drugs and bitches, respectively) with the playful, fun Disney sound. Very different from the Snow White creation we heard two weeks ago, that’s for sure!

Crank That Spaceballs

Not technically Disney … but there’s some Michael Jackson in here for a little Disney connection, and also, it’s my blog so I can do what I want. And I want to believe that if you’re reading, you love Spaceballs as much as I do. And that you like to silly dance to amazingly hilarious mashups.

Tell us about your most ridiculous dance move in the comments below! And send along your favorite Disney mashups!

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