Musical Monday: Life Is Like A Lullaby

King George (At Mouse on the Mind)
He thinks he’s human

My dog has notoriously bad taste. I mean, yea, he loves me more than anything in the entire world (except chicken bones). But he can’t stand music. Especially not when it’s coming from my mouth.

In the four years he’s been by my side, he has run away from my singing voice more times than I care to count. Except on the very rare occasion when I bust out my Disney side …

You see, the only lullaby George will accept is a sweet, slow version of the Duck Tales theme. I’ll spare you the mp3 of me singing (although I swear my voice isn’t that bad), but I was totally gobsmacked a couple of weeks ago when I found this amazing slow-jam version of the classic cartoon theme:

Oddly, George can’t stand the Saturday Morning Cartoons’ version of the song, which is much sexier than our version.

Anyway, you should definitely check out their r&b recreations of your favorites, including Gummi Bears, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers and more.

And before you ask: George started his life as a designer dog. He’s half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and half poodle. He is the smartest, sweetest, most loyal dog I have ever known, which makes it even more surprising that he was abused by his original owner (who paid a pretty penny for him). I rescued him soon after. He’ll be seven-years-old this August, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have him as my companion.

Do you have a favorite Disney slow jam? Let us know!

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