Musical Monday: Hiddleston’s Necessities

Two years ago, when Disney introduced the two superstar voice actors that had signed on to appear in The Pirate FairyTom Hiddleston (the voice of Captain Hook as well as Loki from The Avengers) did something very strange:

He (seemingly completely randomly, even in the full clip) broke into the chorus of Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book. I thought, “aww, that’s cute,” and I saved the link, thinking maybe I’d share it here at some point.

Then, a few weeks ago, when I was cleaning up some of my blog files, I rediscovered Hiddleston singing … and I totally fell down a rabbit hole of crazy. Because, as it turns out, Hiddleston really loves The Jungle Bookand he regularly makes that love known by performing its most notable and recognizable song.

And he did it again on a Chinese chat show:

It turns out, Hiddleston grew up loving Baloo and friends, and he actually performed the song during an audition years ago. The lyrics have always stuck with him. And I think it’s sort of fabulous.

What do you think of the performances? Sound off in the comments below.