Musical Monday: Epcot Nerds

Some of you may have already seen this because Michael Crawford posted it at Progress City a few weeks ago, but I’ve been listening to it off and on since then, and I really think it bares repeating:

For starters, we have all of the most amazing Epcot music ever, from Tomorrow’s Child and Universe of Energy to Horizons and Golden Dream. Enough old timey goodness to make any fan boy swoon.

Then, the backstory here is kind of amazing. This entire medley is arranged and performed by two brothers who are in high school (or were when they made this in 2009).

The two of them–just the two of them–make all of these sounds with a trumpet, a flugelhorn, two mutes and two keyboards (one of them plugged into a laptop). Amazing. I can’t get over how awesome these kids are.

What’s your favorite classic Epcot tune? Let us know (or share a link to it!) in the comments below.