Musical Monday: Move It, Shake It

I am going to Disney World this week. Squee!! My plan lands ridiculously early on Friday morning, in fact, and by this time next week, you’ll bet your sweet bottom that I will have seen the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party at least twice.

Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party

Why? Well, for one, because it’s nearly impossible to miss as its floats motor up and down Main Street at least 67 times a day. And also because it’s one of my favorite Disney things. Invariably, my husband and I will run into the hubbub on our way out of the Park for our mid-afternoon break, and I will do the little dance, and he’ll make fun of me from the turnstiles all the way back to our room. Ah, marriage.

Back on track … I love. love. love. Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It. I love the arm movements: I love doing them and I love watching other people do them. It’s like being part of my own, ridiculously dorky mini-flash mob. I just love it, okay. Don’t judge. 

But of all the times I’ve seen this particularly genius parade and dance party, it wasn’t until my most recent trip in October that I found out where the delicious ear worm started. Do you know? If you don’t, this might blow your mind a little bit:

Do you also feel like you’ve just escaped from a very weird, sort of uncomfortable alternate universe? I do. Quick … to the pleasant, Park-sanctioned brain bleach:

So much better, no?

Which version do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!