Mouse Vocabulary: Mousekeeping

Contrary to how it sounds, mousekeeping has nothing to do with owning a pet mouse. In Disney vernacular, mousekeeping is something entirely different.

mousekeeping [mau̇sˈkēpiNG] the lovely people who clean and maintain your WDW resort room

I’ve heard stories of parents telling children about ‘mousekeeping’ and, horrified, the children replied with ‘mice clean the room?!?’ And as much as I love the  amusing image of  giant, human-sized mice walking around the resorts to vacuum and scrub, that’s really not the case at all.

Your mousekeepers are real people that often go above and beyond to make your visit as magical as possible.  From towel animals to window decorations to balloons and streamers for special celebrations, mousekeeping–much like the actual (animated) mice in Cinderella–are capable of amazing things.

And, in that same spirit, many guests go above and beyond to thank the mousekeeping staff. Families arrive in WDW with pre-made thank you envelopes–with or without tips–and other little goodies to leave in return for good service.

My personal favorite story (which I just heard yesterday) was from a friend who visited Bay Lake Tower this year with his family of eight.  They sent cinnamon buns ahead for the entire staff to ‘pre-thank’ them for the the amazing time they were going to have.  How awesome is that?

Mouse on the Mind readers–have you had mousekeeping do anything special for you during a WDW resort stay?  Share you stories with us in the comments section below or post a photo of your mousekeeping magic on our Facebook page.


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