Mouse Tech: Create Your Own Disney-Themed Facebook Timeline Photos

Do you have hundreds–or, like me, thousands–of Disney World vacation photos lying around your hard drive, just waiting to fulfill their photograph destiny?  Do you–like me–walk around WDW with a camera around your neck and a zip lock baggie in your bag, ready to protect said camera from Florida downpours or a trip down Splash Mountain? Are you, too, addicted to all things social media related?  Then do I have an assignment for you–create your own Disney-Themed Facebook Timeline photos!

Remember when Facebook started making the switch to the ‘new’ Timeline format and everyone complained?  What was that, like a month ago?  And now we cannot imagine life without it, and photos everywhere are turning up in conveniently elongated 851×315 format.  So until Facebook changes yet again–as it surely will–you might as well sprinkle some pixie dust on your own profile and create your own header images out of those unused vacation photos.

Or, better yet, do like I do–next time you’re in WDW, keep an eye out for some unique, header-worthy shots.  You’ll want to hold your camera the traditional way–horizontally–to get a shot that is wider than it is tall.  But other than that, anything is fair game.  Personally, I love shots of signs, unique wall art–like the image shown above–or close up detail photos, like the one shown below.  If you travel during a time of year when the park is decorated for a holiday like Halloween or Christmas, try to nab some festive shots for seasonal profile decorating.  You could even line up your family in a header-friendly pose.  As long as the shot is horizontal, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Then, once you have the photos, follow these simple directions to turn them into a perfectly sized Facebook Timeline header image…

How to Create a Faceboook Timeline Header Image:

1.  Go to picasaweb [dot] google [dot] com; if you do not already have a google account, create one.

2.  Click ‘upload‘ in the center top of the screen.

3.  Select your photo.

4.  Once the photo uploads, you have to click the blue ‘add photo‘ button; it will then take you to your new album.

5.  Click on the thumbnail of the photo–it will open up into a semi-full sized version.

6.  Under the ‘Actions’ drop down menu, select Edit in Creative Kit.

7.  Select ‘resize‘ and UNCHECK ‘keep proportions’.

8.  Enter the new size, which is 851 x 375, and click ‘apply‘.

9.  In the upper right corner, click ‘save to my album‘.  You may choose to replace the original or save a second copy.

10.  You’ve now made the photo the correct size!  All you have to do is download the edited photo and upload it as your Facebook page as the header photo.

It seems like a lot of steps, but it should take you less than a minute once you’ve done one or two.  I suggest making several all at once–that way you have a bunch to choose from whenever the spirit moves you.  Of course, this also works for all different types of travels.  I take Facebook header photos everywhere I go.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my personal Facebook page, which currently features a strange self-taken shot of me in Yosemite.  As soon as I saw how it turned out I knew it would be  header image.

Obsessed with Facebook, travel, and photography?  Who, me?  Ok–yeah–maybe me!

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