Mouse Droppings: The Most Frequently Asked Question

No rides here!

At the end of Main Street, USA, on the left side of the street just past Casey’s Corner, you’ll find the Magic Kingdom Information Booth. This is the first information booth visitors encounter in the Magic Kingdom. And while I’ve never noticed it there, many first-time visitors have, and they stop to ask questions.

Want to know what the most frequently asked question is?

Where are all of the rides?

I kid you not, though I laughed when I learned that bit of trivia. You can imagine why people wonder this. If you’re a first-time visitor, and for some insane reason you arrived in WDW without planning or researching anything (imagine!), you might ask the same question as well. After all, you’ve just entered the park and walked a few hundred yards down Main Street, USA. The castle is in view, and you see lots of areas to sit and eat, manicured lawns, umbrella tables, and people everywhere–but you don’t see any rides.

Of course, all good Disney nerds know why this is: because the park is built in a hub and spoke pattern that places each of the themed areas–you know, where the rides are–out of sight at the ends of each spoke. This sort of layout provides the visual break needed to keep each themed land separate. I just can’t help but picture  the many hundreds of poor, confused families that arrive in the Magic Kingdom each day, scratching their heads and scanning the park desperately for anything that looks ride-like!

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