Musical Monday: Two More Multi-Trackers

Disney Ever After
The past few weeks have been all about cos-playing multi-track recording artists on Musical Monday. So I decided to keep it in that same vein this week with two completely new faces.

This first one is a little bit political, but I gotta let my blue flag fly sometimes:

So here’s what I know about this one: this original song was written and performed by Jon Cozart, a 21-year-old genius, who’s got a ton of videos on his YouTube channel. Another thing I know: I am totally in love with the song (I already downloaded it on Amazon) as well as the way he seamlessly merged serious issues with the original songs without losing any of their sing-a-long goodness and beauty. Also: humor! And I also know that you love it to. Right?!?

If this second one doesn’t make you laugh, I can’t help you:

My first reaction to this was just happiness. It’s just so deliciously cheesy in the best way. Second, I was impressed with how accurate the depiction is. Each of the sisters in the video matches up in clothing, hair and style with one of Ariel’s singing sisters. (Well, Adella is a little off: in the films, she wears green; here she’s in blue.)

The artist is a young Italian girl named Veronica, but she goes  by Tim. And she’s got a whole YouTube channel full of cosplaying, multi-tracked videos, including another Little Mermaid-inspired video that I particularly enjoyed. And I hope you do, too!! (Or don’t. It won’t stop me from getting stupid happy when I watch it.)

What do you think? Too political for you? Let me know what you think in the comments below.