Monsters Inc. Open Mike Night


I love the big, cuddly Monsters Inc. crew, and I’m a big fan of their Walt Disney World attraction, too. Especially when it’s hot or rainy or just a crowded day at the Parks–it’s always a good time to duck into Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor.

That’s what Dan (from At Disney Again) and I did one afternoon last October. We expected the show to be a walk on, but, oddly, there was a bit of a line, so we ended up noticing some neat details that we wouldn’t normally see.

Something I’d never noticed before: A bulletin board for factory employees. It’s sort of like the ones we’d see in our universe (with OSHA posters and details about houses for rent) … but a little … twisted. As things in Monstropolis so often are.

While we were waiting and exploring, Dan and I decided to try to get one of our jokes used in the show by texting it off into the ether. We knew that they had to be clean and relatively uncomplicated, so we went with two simple word play-based jokes …

And they read the one about the injured man during the show! I am now famous in the monster world!! Okay, so it may not be super innovative anymore, but Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is still good, clean fun, and definitely worth another look if you haven’t visited lately.

Tell us your best Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor joke! Or about the time you were THAT GUY! I can’t wait to hear your Laugh Floor stories. 

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