Boo To You: Setting the Magic Mood

Boo To You (Mouse on the Mind)

Boo to you and you and you and you. Happy Halloween!

For the final installment of this year’s Boo To You series, we share the coolest details from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party from all across the Magic Kingdom.

Snack Carts
The first thing I noticed after getting my Party bracelet were these amazing treat carts, which I saw both on Main Street and in Frontierland. I’m a huge fan of the treat carts in the Parks because they’re so well-themed and usually super fun. These special Party carts are no different, especially the Mickey bar with the bite taken out of its ear. Eep!

Halloween Treat Carts (Mouse on the Mind)
Frontierland treat cart featuring a Mickey Bar

Halloween Treat Carts (Mouse on the Mind)

Treat cart on Main Street

I love Adventureland, and when I stepped over the bridge into that section of the Park during the Party, I was shocked by all of the amazing lighting set up here. Who knew a few well-placed orange lights could so completely change the experience here in the tiki-rich land of adventure.

Spooky Lighting in Adventureland (Mouse on the Mind)
Orange lighting near Aloha Isle
Lighting in Adventureland (Mouse on the Mind)
Orange lights up the Enchanted Tiki Room
Orange-Lit Pirates (Mouse on the Mind)
Pirates in orange during MNSSHP

I walked through this area of the Park during the Party, but I didn’t make it all the way back to Splash and Big Thunder Mountains. I did, however, notice the skull and crossbones projected onto Big Thunder Mountain. How. Cool. Is. That?!

Big Thunder Mountain Skull (Mouse on the Mind)
Big Thunder Mountain Jolly Roger

Liberty Square
In Liberty Square, your main Halloween attraction is absolutely the Haunted Mansion. All lit up for Halloween, the Mansion is draped in a rolling fog and utterly spooky. For me, experiencing the attraction with its spookiest face was worth the price of admission!

Mickey's Not So Scary Haunted Mansion (Mouse on the Mind)
Haunted Mansion
Mickey's Not So Scary Haunted Mansion (Mouse on the Mind)
Mickey’s Not So Scary Haunted Mansion

While I don’t see another MNSSHP in my near future, I do hope to attend again sometime in the future. The Park looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with for New Fantasyland!

What’s your favorite Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party detail? Share your stories in the comments below! 

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