Minnie Mouse Is Happy To Help

I have some very serious news for those of you who don’t have kids: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is dead. Long live Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Minnie's Happy Helpers Box ArtThe Disney Junior program has been replaced with a new show called Mickey and the Roadster Racers. It’s a thing. The animation is just as bad, but the show is pretty cute. Each half-hour episode is split into two mini-episodes, one of which focuses on the whole gang while the other focuses on Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and the odd jobs they tackle as The Happy Helpers. My niece, who’s nearly 3, loves it.

Tomorrow, The Happy Helpers have their first-ever DVD coming out–a full 66-minutes of Minnie, Daisy and friends getting into hilarious mishaps as they try to help folks around town. And I settled in with my niece this weekend to enjoy it!

First, of course, she had to explain to me how Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is gone forever. And so is Toodles!! She seemed quite distressed by this fact, if we’re being honest, but once we started talking about Minnie and Daisy and the Happy Helpers, she perked right up.

Minnie and Daisy are her favorite Disney characters (she likes them more than Peppa Pig, which is saying something), and when I asked about their new helper friend, Cuckoo-Loca, my niece explained that she’s a big monkey–“like a baboon,” she said–which is obviously not true (she’s that little bird in the photo up there), so it seems like something got lost in translation. Or my niece was just messing with me. (She also likes to tell me that the wood chips at the playground are waffles to see if I’ll eat them …)

The best part of this latest release is what I’d consider an ultra-extra-special bonus feature: A Minnie’s Happy Helpers Magnetic Chore Chart. Even better: It comes with magnetic stars so you can mark your tasks “complete.” She loved the little stars, but she was disappointed that they weren’t stickers. I tried to explain that–because they’re magnets–they’re like reusable stickers, but she wanted to put them on her shirt (and my face …), and she was frustrated by them. BUT! Her mom was pretty psyched about the chore chart! My niece is a pretty cool kid, and she loves to help around the house, so my sister was excited to put the chore chart to work!

Here’s to happier homes with happier helpers!


Disclosure: I received this DVD free of charge from Disney. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.