Mickey … Is That You?!

Back in July, I got an e-mail from Ikea, and what was in the e-mail … well, it was downright bizarre. Ikea wanted me to know that they’d recently released a new collection:


These bizarre little creatures are called Wondermooi (the cloud people), and they sprang forth from the mind of Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck. Here’s their story:

Imagine a universe of creatures whose only dream is to make the world a better place. This is GLÖDANDE, a limited edition collection developed in collaboration with Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. His energetic and quirky imagination spreads across the collection like magic dust, mixing color, patterns and prints in unpredictable ways. The collection consists of pre-cut fabrics, stationery, shopping bags, rugs, porcelain and pillows, all part of the world of the “Wondermooi”. These mystical creatures who’ve lived in the clouds for centuries are the inspiration for the GLÖDANDE story. Just another example of how fun it is to furnish with fashion!

Yea, I have no idea, but Dan and I do love a good Ikea date night. So we moseyed on over to our local Swedish mega-store to eat tiny meatballs, catch Pokemon and check out the Wondermooi.

And that’s when we noticed Mickey Mouse:


I mean, he’s wearing a very strange pink and green polka-dotted suit and a slightly worrisome gas mask. But you can’t deny that’s Mickey Mouse. Can you? I can’t.

And strange pink-and-green Mickey appears on a wide variety of different Wondermooi items for sale throughout the store. (Big props to Dan from At Disney Again for taking these photos on his iPhone.)

Pink Mickey notebook (I actually bought this one!)
Pink Mickey notebook (I actually bought this one!)

It’s all so strange and wonderful … and I am so enamored of it that I actually bought a notebook with Weirdo Pink Mickey on it. Bummer: It doesn’t have any lines inside, just blank pages. But I am going to figure out something to do with it. And even if I don’t  … how could I not buy a piece of this strange, wonderful collection?

What do you think of Pink Mickey and the other Wondermooi? Let us know in the comments below!