Saturday Something: Mickey Fix!

Real life is a real downer. You have to pay the bills. Put gas in the car. Hire a guy to trim your giant trees. Buy the groceries. Compensate the dog sitter. Hire another guy to make your grass green so that you can look your neighbors in the eye again. It all adds up to one big BLERG.

Sometimes, don’t you just want to put your money where YOU want to put it? MickeyFix

That’s why I love Mickey Fix.I can visit any time of the day or night to find a perfectly curated list of all of the best Disney-inspired swag that I would never find on my own.

As a bonus, the product descriptions are written with a pitch-perfect blend of snarkiness and silliness that makes me feel like I’m shopping with my best girlfriends.

What did we buy? Allow me to show you …

Monopoly Partners StatueRemember when you were a kid and everyone wanted to be the hat or the dog?? At my house, Monopoly was an all-out war before anyone ever rolled the dice. Cut to today: My husband loves board games. I don’t. Mickey Fix fixed (one of) our marital problems by introducing me to Disney Monopoly!

Now we can combine his love of board games and my love of Disney! But so help me, Rob: if you try to take the Figment piece, I will cut you. (But I guess you can play with the super cool Partners statue piece, if you want.)

Fantasia Flamingo And that artificially green lawn in front of our house? It’s so vibrant that it needed a complimentary pretty pink pop of color. But I couldn’t just have any old lawn flamingo … Thanks to Mickey Fix, my lawn has a little bit more character.

That’s right: Fantasia 2000 Flamingo. Bam! Don’t try to pretend your yard is cooler.

What’s your next Disney purchase? Show it off in the comments below! 

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