DFB Review: Meadow Snack Bar at Fort Wilderness

Deep in the winding wilderness, there’s an oasis of family fun waiting for you at the Meadow Recreation Area. Located near the center of Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, the Recreation Area is themed like a real old-fashioned swimming hole, with rustic wood touches; lots of open, grassy spaces; and stone-work details. It feels like an upscale summer camp … with very well-appointed bathrooms!

As you enter the Recreation Area, the Meadow Snack Bar—our stop for an afternoon cocktail—is on your right. The area reminded me less of the Disney pool bars I’ve become accustomed to and more like the snack bar at the public pool near my childhood home. There were no televisions, no large, open bar and no bar-style seating.

Here, you order and receive your items at the counter, then find a place to eat. There is plenty of seating nearby, including picnic tables and smaller tables shaded by umbrellas.

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