McMunching Around The McWorld

A few weeks ago, Dan from At Disney Again e-mailed me. It was a simple message: “We need a McDonalds in the World Showcase.” Attached were images from a Buzzfeed article. And the whole thing was so brilliant, I wanted to share it with you.

Here’s the idea: An international McDonalds in the World Showcase Plaza, featuring delicious and unique items only available in the countries around the World Showcase. Like Club Cool … but for disgusting, processed foods! Our dream menu:

Canada’s McPoutine

McPoutine (Buzzfeed)Delicious French fried potatoes … topped with gravy and cheese curds in the traditional Canadian fashion. I’ve always thought it was so weird that Canada doesn’t serve these without a hard-to-score ADR … let’s fix it.

United Kingdom’s Desserts
UK McDesserts
UK’s McDessert game is on point! Not only do they have several varieties of McFlurry that we can’t get here (Toffee and Honeycomb? Yes, please!), but a Banana Milkshake is also on the standard menu. Somebody get me a box of Nilla Wafers and a plane ticket!

France’s Mozzarella Pasta Salad
Salade Pates Mozzarella (BuzzFeed)How cute: A fresh pasta salad with mozzarella balls, rontini and arugula. Love it!

Morocco’s Mandise

Mandise (McDonalds.Mo)It’s a muffin. Studded with chocolate chips. And stuffed with nutella. So, we need this.

Japan’s Bacon Potato Pie
Bacon Potato Pie BuzzFeed)
I’m a big fan of things that are all wrapped up and easy to eat with one hand. This applies to most of McDonald’s pies … and in Japan, that includes a deep-fried, savory pastry loaded with bacon and mashed potatoes.

United States’ McRib (All Year)
This is a thing. I don’t entirely get it (how do you have ribs with no bones?), but none of us can deny that this is a thing. You know what else is a thing? Disney World. So why shouldn’t Walt’s Experimental Prototype get dibs on serving this puppy all year round? (No puppies are harmed in the making of the McRib. I hope.)

Italy’s Snack Al Parmigiado
Brick o Parmigiano (BuzzFeed)
This is a block of cheese. Normally, I’d be like, “What? How you gonna charge $5 for that?” But this is Disney. And I’ve paid that and more (way more!) for glorified pieces of cheese at Disney World. Plus, there’s nothing better than a good, well-aged Parmesan cheese.

Germany’s Thai Curry Chicken McWrap
Thai McWrap Thai Curry. From Germany. It’s so weird. But it also sounds refreshingly simple and delicious. Almost healthy, even! I’d love to give it a try.

China’s Taro Pie

McTarro Pie (BuzzFeed)Another deep fried pastry … this time loaded with sweet purple taro root. Rumor has it that this is like a slightly-less-sweet McApple Pie. But, honestly, I think they’ll sell a ton of these just for the purple-weird factor.

Norway … Sucks
I was hoping to include something Frozen, but I didn’t find anything unique or interesting on Norway’s McDonalds website.

Mexico’s McPatatas
McPatatas (BuzzFeed)
This will be the most popular item on the World Showcase McDonald’s menu for two reasons: First, salty, thick-cut steak fries. Second: Say it out loud! It’s so fun to say. It’ll be even more fun to order. Especially when you’re drunk. And, speaking of, it’d make a great drunk food.

Would you order anything off of the new World Showcase McDonalds menu as I outlined it here? Or did you find anything interesting at Norway’s McDonalds? Am I crazy? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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