May The Force Be With You

Remember that time my work life and my blog life collided? Actually, it’s happened a couple of times over the past few years, but I’m specifically talking about the most recent last time, when the folks at Nature Smart asked if I’d give their Finding Nemo Omega-3 chews a try. (Spoiler Alert: I did!)

I know a stupid amount about vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients. Because it’s my day job. So when the opportunity to try their new line of Star Wars vitamin blends came up, I certainly wasn’t about to say no!

Star Wars Vitamins (At Disney Again)

The first in our photo is an Immune Support Complex vitamin in the R2-D2 container, which contains a mix of B and C vitamins designed to boost the immune system. Inside, orange R2-D2s mix with blue raspberry C-3POs.  Pro Tip: Your best bet is to take this formulation first thing in the morning: it’ll give your metabolism a nice little boost, helping to turn the nutrients into fuel for the body.

The vitamins in the Darth and Chewie containers are exactly the same formulation of multi-vitamin, but they have different flavors and different shapes. The “Villains” vitamins come in mixed berry, raspberry and pineapple and are represented by Darth, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper. On the “Heroes” side, we have tropical, fruit punch and orange flavors in the shape of Luke, Leia, Chewie, the Millennium Falcon and the Star Wars logo.

Finally, we have my personal favorite: The Yoda. This mean green alien’s namesake gummies have the exact same vitamin formulation as the Heroes and Villains gummies, but they’re absolutely covered in malic acid. Ohhhhh boy, are they sour. But in the good, delicious way that kids (and kids at heart) love. You know? Pro Tip: Take your multi-vitamin any time of day as long as you enjoy them with or soon after a meal–because vitamins are water- or fat-soluble, they’re more easily absorbed along with other nutrients.

All of these are naturally sweetened and colored–there’s nothing artificial in the mix, although, as I mentioned in my last post, they do contain sugar. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend a supplement that has added sugar, but since this is a children’s product and it tastes good enough to be a treat, I’ll allow it! Especially if it’s sour! YUM! The Nature Smart vitamins run about $10 for a 120-count bottle, so it’s a great investment in your child’s (or your own) health.

BONUS!! You can WIN the Star Wars lunchbox featured in the photo above (and below) simply by tweeting about the giveaway through the following form:

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Star Wars Lunchbox - Win It! (At Disney Again)

Good luck! And if you’ve taken Nature Smart vitamins or think your kids will love them, let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received these supplements free of charge. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.