Mail on Monday: The Animator

Donald plays tennis (Mouse on the Mind)
Ever wonder why Donald’s angry?

Having worked on 57 shorts and 19 features, Disney Imagineer and Animator Bill Justice left a huge mark on my childhood. (And probably yours, too.)

He animated Thumper. He created Chip and Dale. And he programmed some of the audioanimatronics in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Country Bears. He was literally a Disney Legend.

Michael Crawford, of Progress City, wrote about the man and his legacy in 2011, following Justice’s passing, so I won’t retread that territory, but I will share with you his awesome, personalized letterhead: 

Bill Justice Letterhead from Letterheady (Mouse on the Mind)


In celebration of the man and his work, I scoured the Internet for some of his doodles and drawings. I hope you enjoy them:

Donald Duck by Bill Justice (Mouse on the Mind)


Brer Fox by Bill Justice (Mouse on the Mind)


Chip and Dale  by Bill Justice (Mouse on the Mind)


The Tormented and His Tormentors by Bill Justice (Mouse on the Mind)


M-O-U-S-E by Bill Justice (Mouse on the Mind)

What’s your favorite Chip and Dale short? Let us know in the comments below!! 

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