Mail on Monday: Sealed with a Smile

My beloved husband doesn’t always read this blog.

It’s okay. He shows his love in other ways, and he’s totally supportive of this considerably time-consuming hobby of mine. This week, his support showed up on my desk in the form of an incredibly sweet surprise: Pixar stamps!

Mail a Smile (Mouse on the Mind)

“I know you’ve been writing about mail and letters, and I thought this would be something you could write about,” he said. “Also, there’s Boo!”

Boo!!! (He knows me well.) 

As you probably know, Disney and Pixar teamed up with the U.S. Postal Service to release a series of five Mail a Smile forever stamps featuring some of my favorite Pixar characters, including Nemo and Squirt, Buzz and Woody and Boo, Sulley and Mike.

Tied in with the opening of Disney’s Art of Animation resort in June, the stamps were introduced with a bang in an exciting dedication ceremony at the new resort. And, now that they’re sitting here on my desk, I can assure you that you, too, can pick them up at your nearest post office!

My favorite thing about them is the awesome sketches on the back of the sheet of stamps:

Mail a Smile back (Mouse on the Mind)

So cute! I’m thinking about buying (or making) some tiny 1-inch frames and making a tiny display of these sketches for my office.

I can’t wait to stick one of these puppies on the cable bill …

Who’s your favorite Disney or Pixar character to grace a postage stamp? Let us know below! 



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