Mail on Monday: Pen and Ink

This week’s mail was originally posted on Didier Ghez’ Disney History blog, and it is pretty special because it includes not only letterhead but also the matching envelope.

There is nothing I love more in life than a well-crafted envelope—it’s a great way to make your post standout and ensure folks will read it.

The Mickey Mouse Weekly

The Mickey Mouse Weekly

Until I found this letterhead, I’d never heard of Mickey Mouse Weekly, and with good reason: it was a full-color comic magazine produced in England from 1936-1957 and drawn mostly by British artists.

These items display the fun and industrious mice of the 1930s, and the drawings imply that Mickey and Minnie (sans bow) are writing and drawing all of the comics themselves. Well, of course! Don’t all mice do ink and color?

Like I said, what makes this one special to me is that the letter still has its original envelope, which echoes the themes in the graphics on the letterhead: the strong industrious Mickey, with a big smile and slight pie-eye, and the block-lettered magazine logo.

There are, though, some very strange things about this set. First of all, Mickey and Minnie’s ears have odd flat-topped dimples in their ears, rather than the rounded ears we’ve come to know and recognize. I’ve never seen something like that before–maybe the misshapen ears can be attributed to this letter’s country of origin?

Additionally, the letterhead itself proclaims it’s from “Mickey Mouse Weekly,” while the “matching” envelope calls the publication, “The Mickey Mouse Weekly.” Pro tip: that’s a great way to set an editor’s teeth on edge.

Oddities aside, this is a great piece of Disney history! I hope you’ll visit Disney History blog to take a closer look  and read the full backstory.

Do you collect historical Disney items, like Mickey Mouse Weekly? Tell us about it in the comments!

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