Mail on Monday: Mirror Mirror

Snow White (Mouse on the Mind)Is there any story that’s been told as frequently as Snow White?

Well, maybe Cinderella, but you know what I mean.

Snow White is a timeless classic that’s been told in many, many different ways. Aside from the obvious Disney feature cartoon, I think my favorite telling is Neil Gaiman’s short story, Snow, Glass, Apples, which turns the whole story on its head with a gothic twist.

Whether the main character is a sweet, virginal victim or a vicious, man-eating monster, there’s something about Snow White that is so fascinating. To me, at least. Which is what makes today’s installment delicious: 

Snow White letterhead (Mouse on the Mind via Letterheady)

Snow is the first and youngest of the Disney princesses, and she looks every inch the 14-year-old that she is in this illustration, surrounded by her woodland friends. In this early version of Disney’s Snow, her dress is slightly different, with a more pronounced collar and an embellishment on the bodice.

The dwarves, on the other hand, look exactly as we’ve come to know and love them in the 75 years since we first met them. These miners are so distinct and so sweet, and they look on our leading lady with a general caring. (You can’t blame Grumpy for his angry face—it’s right there in his name, for goodness sakes!)

Then, in the bottom right corner, we get a whiff of why AFI named this film the greatest American animated film of all time: the wicked Queen. Looking every inch the nasty, truly ugly hag that she is on the inside, she hunches over the plot-pivotal apple we all know and hate.

It’s a beautiful piece of letterhead, and I would love to have received a message on it … even if it was a rejection letter from Walt himself.

What’s your favorite Snow White adaptation? Let us know in the comments!


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