Mail on Monday: You Can Fly

Peter Pan (Disney)Think of a wonderful thought. Any happy little thought.

Hopefully, you’re thinking about Peter Pan because he is the inspiration for today’s post. Well, him and his animated classic.

Yea, this is the demon film that spawned the countless hundreds of Disney Fairy spin-offs, but it’s also the final Disney film in which all of Disney’s Nine Old Men worked together as directing animators.

And it’s pretty fantastic.

Peter Pan (Letterheady)

This letterhead was used to promote the picture throughout the early 1950s. I love it because it shows you exactly what you’re going to get if you watch this film: lots of high flying fun and  swashbuckling sword fighting.

And a very sad, surprised Nana. God, I love that Saint Bernard.

What I don’t love about the illustrations is how flat they feel. Peter Pan is so full of rich, realistic and fantastic colors, shadows and texture. It’s a beautiful film, and this letterhead really doesn’t reflect that.

Luckily, these amazing pieces of fan art do:

Peter Pan Lost Boys House by shaoeHome of the Lost Boys. Digital illustration inspired by Mary Blair. Created by Deviant Artist Shaoe

This really organic, earthy interpretation of the Lost Boys’ home in Neverland has such lovely colors and details. I kind of want to live there, but I guess that’s the point.


Peter Pan by princekido-d37808yPeter Pan Chibis. Illustration created by David Gilson.

Usually, the chibi style of art creeps me out, but it feels really appropriate and kind of adorable used on characters who are actually children.  John Darling is just too cute.


Peter Pan and Tigerlily by pocketowlPeter and Tiger Lily. Painting by Becky Dreistadt

One of the sweetest scenes from the film is depicted here in really lovely pastels, but the background and ground are in such contrast with that, tea-stained and rough.


Peter Pan by TheHeroinePeter Pan. Acrylic painting by Deviant Artist The Heroine

Ethereal and energetic, the shadows and light create movement and depth in this original painting. I love the hint of Tinkerbell and the promise implied on the other side of the window.


Peter Pan by jucylucyinspiredPeter Pan. Drawing by Deviant Artist Pinkie Perfect.

It looks so child-like but there are some really awesome little details on the clock tower and in the hair. It’s a simple, kinetic tribute to the most famous scene in Peter Pan.

Who’s your favorite Peter Pan ship: Peter and Wendy? Peter and Tiger Lily? Let us know in the comments!


Thanks to for sharing this lovely specimen and inspiring this post. 

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