Mail on Monday: Choo-Choo!

Walt Disney

Steam locomotives are a big part of the heritage of Disney Parks. Mickey Mouse was created on a train, and every Disney Park has its own version of the looping, steam-powered attraction.

You know that Walt Disney loved trains. But did you know that he had a real, live railroad train in his backyard?

He called it Carolwood Pacific Railroad, a 1/2-mile-long, 1/8 scale miniature railroad that even had its own letterhead.

Think I’m kidding? 

Carolwood Pacific Railroad

Yea, Walt was just that awesome. He was also the president, general manager and what have you of his little railroad.

Based on Central Pacific #173, Walt’s steam locomotive ran on more than 2,600 feet of track that circled the family home, including a trestle and several overpasses.

Best story ever: Walt wanted to run his tracks through Lillian’s flowerbed. When she refused, he built a 90 foot tunnel beneath them!

Of course, a railroad this awesome needed its own letterhead. You know, so Walk could invite folks over for a ride. And taunt lesser men.

Rumor is that Walt was inspired by animators Ward Kimball and Ollie Johnston who also had backyard railroads. But I’m willing to bet that those poor saps didn’t have official letterhead.


Do you prefer to ride the trains or the trolleys in Disney Parks? Let us know below!


Thanks to for sharing this awesome specimen. And if you love trains, check out this related (but sort of unrelated) piece from Letters of Note about a six-year-old who scored an awesome job at the National Railway Museum by dreaming as big as Mr. Disney. 


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