I’m Getting a MagicBand!: How to Customize Yours

Magic Band Logo (Disney World website)Magic Bands.

I am of many minds about them. I mean, the tech is pretty cool, and I love the conceptual ways it may enhance my vacation if it actually does what Disney says it will do. That’s one for the “Pro” column. Another: At Disney Again is very in favor of the new FastPass+ and MagicBand system … and it’s really hard to dislike something that he’s so enthusiastic about.

BUT in the negative column, do I really want Disney to know absolutely all of my spending, staying and playing habits? (I mean, they already have a pretty good idea, but this really gives them the competitive edge in tracking my behavior.) AND do I really want to wear a hot, sweaty “smooth, non-latex” cuff on my wrist? (The answer to that one is ABSOLUTELY NO unless it’s super breathable and not at all going to make my wrist sweat.)

As an AP holder and DVC member, I didn’t expect to get my MagicBand for awhile, so this mental see-saw wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind. Until I got the tweet that changed all of that:

MagicBand Tweet

Weeeee! We are getting MagicBands for our upcoming long weekend at Coronado Springs in October!!!

Nerds that we are, we immediately began trying to decide which color to select and which name to add to our bands. (Turns out, you can only have 9 characters in your name, so “Melissa Sue” simply isn’t an option. His name, of course, fits perfectly. His full name! It’s pretty much the most unfair.)

We won’t get our bands for another couple of weeks, but I wanted to run through the “ordering” process with you quickly … it really is fairly easy. As you’ll see below, we completed the process on At Disney Again’s iPhone 5 from his My Disney Experience app. We also had the option of completing the transaction on the My Disney Experience website.

Before I go into photos and explanations, there are a couple of words of caution. First of all, make sure your My Disney Experience account is connected with everyone in your traveling party. This requires you to request and accept each other as “friends.” Doing this before you begin the process of adding your MagicBands will make your life a lot easier. (We didn’t, as you’ll see in a future post.)

Second, please note that the process of customizing and ordering the Bands can only be completed from the My Disney Experience account of the person who made the resort reservation the Bands are linked to. Even though I was listed on the reservation, and even after At Disney Again and I had connected our My Disney Experience accounts, he still had control over my Band. (Thankfully, he is a kind and benevolent soul who’d never put a foul, dirty name on my Band.)

Onto the How-To:

Magic Bands (screenshots by At Disney Again)
When you load up the app, after you’ve logged in, bring up the menu and select Magic Bands and Cards. This is where you can see the active KTTW cards, APs and other passes that are linked with your account. Have an AP or 10-day pass that’s not there? Link it up!

Because we were MagicBand bound, At Disney Again had the “Your New Magic Bands and Cards” option, which we gleefully clicked …

Magic Bands (screenshots by At Disney Again)

Above you can see the two screens that give more information about the bands. On the right, you can see how many you have, what reservation they’re linked to and when they have to be customized and submitted.

On the left, it gives more information about the bands, how long you have to customize them and where they’ll be mailed when they’re ready. I’ve redacted a lot of At Disney Again’s personal information (including his real name and address).

At the bottom of the left screen, you can see where you can customize each of the bands. It lists your full name as well as Disney’s recommended name for your MagicBand. (As you’ll see in the next photo, you don’t have to use their recommendation.)

Magic Bands (screenshots by At Disney Again)
And there you have it … Both At Disney Again and I decided to go with the green band. (Is it too twee that we are going to be walking through the Parks with matching accessories? I think it may be … but I don’t really care.)  But only one of us opted to use her real name. (Hint: it was me.)

Next week, I’ll report back on the troubles we’ve had linking the band to my AP … and once our trip is done, I’ll let you know how the fake name on his band goes over with cast members … it’s always interesting when you’re traveling with At Disney Again!!

Have you tested MagicBands yet? How did you find the experience? Let us know in the comments! 



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