Magical Merch: Put a Pin in that Attraction

During a recent trip to Disney World, I became a little obsessed with pins. I didn’t buy a single one, but my eye was attracted to them … so I photographed them. And now you get to see them!

I love these Tower of Terror pins–the classic hotel key and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Love them. They’re so clever and cute.

Have the need for speed? Well, too bad! You may not find it on Test Track, but I do dig this car-themed Mickey head pin. Another cool newer pin: Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pirates! It’s a cool hinged pin–inside is a drawing of the prisoners and the dog with the keys to their freedom. Also: a very cool guitar pick pin for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and a Mickey pirate (another Pirates pin, but I just like Piratey things, okay?).

Two of my favorite Disney dragons from two of my favorite nighttime spectacles: Fantasmic! and Main Street Electrical Parade. Here, we’ve also got a  really cool Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom pin, which is a replica of the medal that Merlin gives in the final scene of the game. So cute!

How cute is this Haunted Mansion pin, featuring Chip and Dale? In classic C&D form, they’re see-sawing on a pair of haunted candle sticks. Dumbo, flying through the air! And I really love the way the red bubble on the Toy Story Midway Mania pin echos the game. Fun!

And finally, the most terrifying pin of all: the Yeti! But don’t worry–just like in real life, he doesn’t move! It only looks like he’s gonna grab you.

Role call! Share your favorite Disney attraction pin with us in the comments or tweet it to the world at @MouseontheMind.