Magical Merch: Not A Chicken In Sight

Marketplace Co-Op (At Disney Again)I mentioned it a few days ago on twitter, but in case you missed it: While exploring the store for the first time, I learned about three Easter Eggs!

The first: a tribute to Team Mickey (the store that used to occupy Co-Op’s space). I found that one pretty quickly:

The second requires a bit more explanation: In the Centerpiece storefront, there is a lovely antique hutched-cabinet. Currently, it’s home to a variety of Orange Bird merchandise. The doors of the hutch have been removed to display the merch. But a friendly Cast Member mentioned that the doors from the hutch were used as decor elsewhere in Centerpiece. Those were a little harder to find, but find them we did:

The last set of eggs, well … they’re most complicated of all. The same Cast Member mentioned to us that there were two chickens in the store (he called them “Hidden Chickens”) in honor of the hilarious fact that the store’s name looks like “coop.”

Dan (of At Disney Again) and I were so excited to go in search of them. In fact, while he shot photos, I spent upwards of 25 minutes looking up, looking down and exploring floor boards and merch displays looking for those hidden chickens.

Turns out, they’re not real.

But the Cast Members working in Co-Op really WANT them to be real, and apparently, they’ve been taking the piss out of shoppers with the suggestion that the hidden chickens are real.

So while there are no hidden chickens at present … well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if Cast Members sneak some in over the coming weeks and months.

If you spot any, let us know!! And At Disney Again has a whole assortment of additional photos so you can take a closer look at the store and it’s amazing merchandise.

Are you looking forward to exploring all of Co-Op’s hidden secrets? What are you hoping to find?

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