Magical Merch: Characters Close to My Heart

We’re still soaking in the aftermath of my pin-photographing spree. Today, I’m sharing some Disneyana tradables that depict my favorite characters. And away we go!

The main Mouse! Here, he’s shown on a positively Frontierland sheriff’s badge and in a super cool steam punk design. The latter being my favorite Disney pin … well, ever.

Two favs from recent Pixar films: a Grape Soda pin from the devastatingly sad but super sweet Up, and the company’s logo lamp from  the short Luxo, Jr. 

Two of my favorite movie stars: Dumbo, from the titular film, and Rapunzel, from Tangled. I especially love the lovely portrait style of the Rapunzel pin, from the sun sign at the center to the fun, full way her hair is shown.

Two great characters, all dressed up! Here, Donald’s main squeeze is dressed up for Halloween as a gypsy, while our little Orange Bird popped a Mickey Ear hat on so he blends in better with the tourists.

Do you have a favorite character pin? Share your photo with twitter and include @MouseontheMind!

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