Magical Merch: A Few Good Felines

Have you seen the cute new kitty cat costumes at Disney World? I came across them in Big Top Souvenirs during my most recent visit, and … whoa, buddy. They are adorable! And just in time for Halloween!

Currently, they’ve got Marie and the Cheshire Cat for sale as well as Tigger (who is not a cat, exactly). Check it:

Disney Tails - Marie (Photo by At Disney Again) Disney Tails - Cheshire Cat (Photo by At Disney Again)

Before you get on my case … these things are intended for kids. So while I’ve got a little more cushioning than is optimal, becoming a Disney cat gave me a pretty epic muffin top.

My vanity aside, I did say that this was Haunted Mansion Week, and I am sticking by it. Because as Dan from At Disney Again (who took these photos) and I tried these strap-on Halloween costumes, I thought of one thing and one thing only:

Haunted Mansion Cat Lady (Photo by At Disney Again)

How cool would it be if Disney started selling costumes inspired by the Haunted Mansion’s famous cat?!

And even if Disney isn’t going to get in on the action (a shame, since it would be a big seller at Memento Mori), how cool would it be to dress up like the Haunted Mansion’s cat lady for Halloween?

If you decide to build your own Cat Lady costume, please let me know!! And even if you don’t, share your Disney-inspired Halloween costumes with me via!