Magical Memories: Shooting the Lights Fantastic

Magical Memories series hosted by Mouse on the MindThis is the last post in the Magical Memories series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Merry, merry Christmas and have a super safe and happy day.

The first time I saw the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, it was magical.

This is what I wrote about it:

The lights were … indescribable. Seriously, if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Spectacle of Dancing Lights, BOOK YOUR TRIP NOW. There’re no words or pictures or videos that can do the thing justice.

Everyone in the huge sea of humanity was smiling, happy and singing. It was basically like Christmas spirit come to life. I wandered around with my mouth gaping, taking photos and video for about 25 minutes. I loved when the Dancing Lights flipped on and everyone started singing along with the music. It was a very magical moment of togetherness and holiday spirit that I won’t soon forget.

Recently, I saw the Lights for the first time with At Disney Again. I was sort of already planning to write this post about that experience. I was expecting romance, cuddles and hot cocoa. That wasn’t at ALL what I got. (Well, I did make him buy me a cocoa.) But what did happen was so flippin cool …

Me at Osborne Lights (At Disney Again)

That’s me. I know my pretty face is distracting, but if you look closely at the photo, you’ll notice that some of the lights behind me look like Mickey Heads. That’s because At Disney Again has been toying with a homemade hood for his camera lens that basically only allows the camera to see light in the shape of a Mickey Head. (It’s confusing and technical and At Disney Again explains it better than I do. Plus, he took some amazing photos of his own with it.)

At Disney Again's custom bokhe hood

I knew he was working on the hood, but I hadn’t seen it in action yet, so I was over the moon excited when he handed the camera—with the hood—to me and asked, “Hey … do you want to play with this tonight?”

Did I?!

Since it was my first time using it and At Disney Again was still learning the hood, we went through some trial and error. Most of my photos are crap. A lot of the Mickey Heads are upside down. (We perfected that detail later.) And we played around a lot with the depth of field as we tried to get the perfect photo.

This was entirely different than my first Osborne Lights experience. But in some ways, it was the same. Running around the Streets of America shooting like a madwoman with At Disney Again by my side offering suggestions and making recommendations, I felt a renewed, almost childish excitement for the Lights, for the holidays and for Disney World itself. It was as if a whole new way of looking at things had been opened up to me—probably because, in more ways than one, it had.

So this may not be the romantic, cozy Christmas story I wanted to share, but it is, nonetheless, a magical remembrance filled with great joy, gratitude and energy. And definitely one for the memory books as we look forward to many more holidays under the Osborne Lights.

Want to make your own custom bokeh hood? Or just see some truly amazing Mickey Head light photos? Head over to At Disney Again!

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