Magic for Rent: The Residences at Munchkin Village

Magic for Rent (Mouse on the Mind)Oz Apartment Edited 004Not in Kansas anymore? Find a home among beautiful, technicolor flowers and the friendliest neighbors this side of a tornado in a unique, thatched-roof condo in the eastern region of Oz. These exquisite, round dwellings will remind you that there’s no place like home.

Plenty of windows
Thatched roof
Private security
Lush gardens
On the Red Brick Road

Munchkin Village
Nearby College of Art and Athletic Perfection
Nearby Lollipop Guild and Lullaby League
Proximity to Mossmere Lake
Proximity to Ranch of a Different Color

Access to Yellow Brick Road

Please contact Sally Lunn to schedule a viewing: 407-555-0752

  • For more available listings please contact Sally at 407-555-0752
  • pets allowed
  • Location: Land of Oz
  • do NOT contact with unsolicited services or offers