I’m Getting a Magic Band: Be a FastPass+ Copy Cat

Magic Band Logo (Disney World website)Those of you who’ve been following along know that At Disney Again and I are part of one of the upcoming MyMagic+ MagicBand tests … we’ve already personalized and ordered our bands as well as booked some initial FastPass+ experiences.

Today, as our trip draws near, I’ll explain how I was able to solve one of our MyMagic+ problems (outlined toward the end of this post) and book some FastPass+ experiences.

Then, check back on Monday for a breakdown of using the in-Park FastPass+ kiosks!

Quick Note on My Passes (And Yours)

As I learned the hard way, you can not–I REPEAT, CAN NOT–book any FastPass+ experiences without a valid Park admission tied to your Magic Band. That means you have to add your ticket media to My Disney Experience. It’s pretty easy: just log in to the site or app and select “Link Reservation and Tickets.” Disney even shows you which numbers to fill in for the different kinds of passes, so you won’t be confused.

My case was a little more difficult than the average Disney-goer. I’ve let my AP lapse, planning to re-up it at the start of this upcoming trip. As a DVC member, I could just call Member Services and have them upgrade my pass (with discount) over the phone. BUT since I am broke as a joke at the current time, I want to apply a 6 Day Park Hopper that I have to the cost of the AP renewal. THAT, my friends, can only be done in person.

Luckily, Disney really has thought of everything, so I was able to add the 6 Day Hopper to My Disney Experience. Now that I technically have valid Park admission  tied to my account, I can make FastPass+ reservations. And once I get to Disney World, I can just have Guest Relations take that unused ticket and apply it to my AP renewal. EASY!

Copying Someone’s FastPass+ Experiences

Once I got my ticket problem straight, I discovered something pretty cool: My Disney Experience lets you basically copy and paste the schedule of one person in your traveling party to the schedule of another person in the traveling party. For real!

This is really useful for when one member of your party schedules FastPass+ experiences, and you want to easily add those same experiences to your own (or another party members’) My Disney Experience plans.  Here’s a quick how-to.

When you enter the app or log on to the site, select “FastPass+”  A calendar will pop up. Select the day you want to add plans to, and the following screen comes up:

CopyCat 1 (Mouse on the Mind)

You have a wide array of options here–from overriding your previous selections to tweaking or canceling your previous selections. What we’re interested in is the third option: Copy existing FastPass+ selections from one Party Member to another.

Once you’ve selected that option, it will ask you whose plans you want to copy. Select a person by clicking the radial button to the left of their name. Below, I’ve selected At Disney Again’s account, which is represented by Wall-E.

When you click next, it asks who you want to copy the plans to. Below, I’ve selected myself. Again, I clicked next.




And it’s really THAT SIMPLE! You get a “Congratulations” screen, showing all of your newly booked FastPass+ experiences. And you’re all set.

You do have to go through this process for each day of your trip–you can’t copy an entire trip’s worth of experiences with the click of one button. But it is still a time savings over having to schedule each experience individually.

I was excited to discover this awesome feature. What’s your favorite My Disney Experience feature so far? Let us know in the comments below! 

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