Letters to Santa from the Jingle Cruise Skippers

Jingle Cruise (photo by At Disney Again)

Disneyland has the Nightmare Before Christmas holiday overlay. And I’ve always been really, really, REALLY jealous of that. (They also get an it’s a small world holiday overlay annually, but I’m less jealous of that.)

So this year I was really, really, REALLY excited to find out that Walt Disney World was getting it’s own holiday overlay. Sure, Disneyland was getting a Jingle Cruise, too. But … still! We were finally getting an overlay in Orlando, and I was thrilled.

And I was super duper thrilled when I got to ride the attraction with At Disney Again the weekend after Thanksgiving. (He’s got a full post of his photos and my photos from the Jingle Cruise.)

I loved the fun touches in the queue and the stuuuupid funny puns in the Skipper spiel. Even after I found out that Disneyland’s ride got more touches (like Santa hats on the elephants), I wasn’t even mad that the only real in-ride upgrade was around Trader Sam’s neck.

Our favorite thing? The letters to Santa from the Jungle Cruise’s Skippers in Albert Awol’s office:

First of all: can you even believe I took those photos?! Me either. It’s amazing what a good camera can do.

Second of all: you can actually READ the letters! And they actually make sense. I love the goshdarned Imagineers!

The first letter is from Skipper Beth:

Santa –

Can you give me a compass for Christmas? I feel lost in the jungle, almost like I keep going in circles!

Skipper Beth

The second letter comes to us from an unknown Skipper, and some of the words are cut off. I’ve filled in the missing words in brackets to the best of my ability:

Santa –

Here is my Christmas [list] for the year.

  1. Vacation time to [travel/visit] somewhere civilized
  2. Baby hippo
  3. Clean socks

Thanks and please give  my regards to the M[unreadable]

And finally, we have a letter from a very thoughtful Skipper:

Dear Mr. Claus,

I have been a good skipper this year, despite what Trader Sam might have told you. Would you please bring me a new radio, lots of candy and two trunk teeth for my elephant friends?

There will be cookies and milk left out for you, but better come early before the monkeys eat it all!


Skipper John

Jingle Cruise (photo by Mouse on the Mind)

Have any Jungle Cruise-ish puns for Santa this year? Share them in the comments or tweet @MouseontheMind! 

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