Our Last Ride on Dumbo

Dumbo (Mouse on the Mind)By the time you read this, Rob and I will likely have already taken our first ride on the new, improved dual-spinner Dumbo in the Storybook Circus section of New Fantasyland. After reading Jeff’s post about it during the Disney at Night series, I am absurdly excited. Especially when you consider that this is a kiddie ride.

But the whole thing has made me a little nostalgic for our LAST ride on Dumbo. It was October 2011, and we weren’t sure if it would still be there when we returned for the holidays in December. So after the Opening Ceremonies, we headed straight into Fantasyland, where we waited in an obscenely long line for Dumbo.

My husband will tell you that I am prone to exaggeration. He will also tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say we waited for 30-45 minutes. Easily.

Under ordinary circumstances, we’d never never never wait that long to ride Dumbo. But I really did want to make sure to get one last spin with our magical feather in “Old” Fantasyland.

When we finally got into our own flying elephant … well, his feather was losing its potency! Our big-eared buddy was totally non-responsive. He went up, up, up … down, down … and then he didn’t move again until the ride ended despite out best efforts.

Dumbo (Mouse on the Mind)

Maybe I should have complained and gone for another spin, but the line was so long, and I really didn’t feel good about making someone else wait. So we decided to let it go and get on with our day.

We choose to think of it as a sign: Dumbo needed a little downtime to recharge. This time, when we see him again, he’ll be ready to spread his ears and fly.

Let’s show ’em, Dumbo! Power dive!

Do you remember you “last” ride on a beloved attraction? Tell us about it below.