Lamps of Sanaa

A few months ago, I told Dan I wanted to write about Sanaa’s lounge, and he sent me an absolutely enormous cache of Sanaa photos. I mean, I know he loves that place, but … wow. I had no idea how many photos he had!


Anyway, I wrote my post and didn’t think much of it, but when it came time to select some photos to add to the blog post, I noticed that Dan has taken a lot–a lot–of photos of the light fixtures. And some of them are really lovely.

So I saved them up for you:

I think my favorites are the Moroccan-inspired lanterns that look like they’re dripping in jewels. And the dangling fixtures that look like they’re made from four bowls stacked inside each other. Always look up!

Love them? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!