Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Pavilions

You are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill – Boff – Marry, where given the choice between three things, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with or spend the rest of your life with. Estelle and I love to hate that game. So we play every month for your reading pleasure!

This month, we decided to focus on Epcot’s World Showcase Pavilions! This topic was Estelle’s idea, but I L.O.V.E.D. it. She, on the other hand, agonized over the decision as only Estelle can. God, I love her! And I hope you’ll read her very deeply thought picks, too!

As always, these are our opinions, so if you don’t like them … write a guest post and let everyone know what you think!

KILL: Equatorial Africa

Refreshment Post

This could have been one of Epcot’s coolest pavilions … if it had ever been finished. Or even started. Instead, what we have is literally a placeholder, developed by Imagineers to provide guests with visual interest between China and Germany. I love a nice, cold Coke as much as the next girl, but I can get that anywhere on property. The only truly unique item here–beautiful handmade beads created with upcycled Parks maps–are now offered in several different places throughout WDW, so … meh. Let’s burn it to the ground and make room for something more elaborate and amazing.

REFURB: Canada

Home, in CanadaSee that up there? I love that little house, and I’d love to live there … but that’s about all I can say for Canada. Other than walking through some rocky outcroppings, a film and the perennially overrated Le Cellier, what is there to do here? It’s beautiful, but boring. For starters, we for sure need to add a swanky (but themed, of course) bar–because what’s more Canadian than beer? The lovely thing about the Canada Pavilion is that there’s a lot of vertical space, so something that overlooks the falls and/or provides excellent views of Illuminations would be a great draw. Poutine, pierogies, butter tarts … nom nom nom. And since we’re doing a refurb here, let’s update (or even up-scale) O Canada! Maybe it could be made into a simulator ride?

MARRY: Morocco

Morocco PavilionIs there anywhere in Epcot I love more than Morocco? Maybe … but I can’t think of any at the moment. I’ve written about the food, the shopping and the overall super, amazing awesomeness. From a previous post about the Pavilion:

I love the smell and the height of the buildings and the way everything feels like I’ve just discovered it for the first time. Walking through the open-air markets fills me with a sense of adventure, and slowly exploring the tiny exhibit space makes me feel quiet and reverent. It feels like you’ve stepped into a whole new world. (See what I did there?)

Oh, it is love. I’d put a ring on it for sure.


Bruxelles by Jean-Pol GRANDMONTThink about it: what do all of your favorite pavilions have in common? For me, the things that make a great World Showcase Pavilion are good food, good architecture, lots of character and some campy fun. That’s why I think Belgium would be a GREAT fit. Clearly the architecture is amazing, and the food … It is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with quality of French food fries, muscles, waffles, smoutebollen, chocolate and beer … great goodness! Sign. Me. Up.

So that’s my list. Now go see what Estelle thinks! Share yours in the comments below!


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