Kill Refurb Marry: Songs From Disney Animated Films

I have finally decided to participate in one of these fancy Kill Refurb Marry posts! Melissa and I often discuss what she’s posting, and in my research I found that I give more of a damn about Disney animated movie music than previously thought! On with the show.

Kill: “Let’s Sing a Gay Little Song” from Bambi

“But it’s a classic!” “It’s a relic from olden days!” “HASN’T BAMBI SUFFERED ENOUGH?!”
Yeah, it’s a classic. The Ford Pinto was a classic. A relic from olden days? Yep! Just like Cholera and Polio. And, yes, Bambi has suffered enough loss. Let’s save his brain from being destroyed by the horror that is this terrible song with absolutely ZERO redeeming qualities. Ick.

Friend Owl is my spirit animal here.

Refurb: “Collision of Worlds” from Cars 2 by Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams

First off: I LIKE CARS 2, OKAY? I like this song, too. It feels good and it’s a cool idea to have these two guys from different cultures team up and compare their cultural differences (part of the movie that Disney could’ve developed a BIT more…).

I would like the song to go a bit further, though. I want commentary on the cultural differences. I want the song to be a bit more raw, a bit more expository of the gulfs that exist between people on this planet. I want someone like Lupe Fiasco to be on this track, maybe in an album-only remix… explaining some of the problems glossed over in this feel-good hit.

Lupe does it pretty well in this song – and I warn you for language/mature content:


Marry: “That’s What Makes the World Go Round” from The Sword and the Stone

It just feels good. I have so many memories from my childhood when we taped this movie off of the Disney Channel free previews and played the VHS nearly to death. I’m a school counselor now, and love how this song actually uses some pretty clever means to educate and make kids think. Call and response, easy lyrics, showing synonyms/antonyms, a good mix of vocabulary, guessing objects by using their descriptors, focusing on imagination, and even touching on principles of physics?! I’m a fan. I like anything that develops critical thinking skills… Ask any of my students. 🙂

So, childhood me loved it and adult me loves it… I think I’ll put a ring on it.

I owe a big thank you to Melissa Sue for hosting this on her blog for me, and invite y’all to head over to my site or follow me on twitter!