Kill Refurb Marry: Frozen Treats in the Parks

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopYou are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill Boff Marry, where given the choice between three people, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with and spend the rest of your life with. Well, this is the WDW-themed version called Kill Refurb Marry.

Cool, right? Even better: There’s a Blog Hop connected to the game, so everyone can play along! Check out links for all of the players on this month’s the Kill Refurb Marry homepage.

This month, we’re sounding off on Frozen Treats in Disney Parks. Just in time: I’m practically melting over here.

Kill: Frozen Chai, Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Frozen Chai (A Pinch of Pixie Dust)

When I was a kid, my grandma and I would hang out and chat over cups of tea–and it’s a habit I’ve never really grown out of. I’m especially fond of chai, which is why I gave this sip a shot on a hot afternoon in Animal Kingdom. And, boy, was I sorry. A frozen chai needs to be creamy, smooth and well balanced. This was none of these things. The texture was icy, and even as it melted, the drink never quite managed to escape that hard, crunchiness and the watery experience it created. Also? The spice blend is way off, leaning too hard on the cloves. Yuk.


Refurb: Churro Milkshake, Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner
Churro Milkshake (At Disney Again)

I recently ordered this Cinnamon Sweet Churro Milkshake to go with my lunch at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And we had a winner! The flavor was warm and spicy-sweet with a luscious creamy layer. Two things I’d change: (1) it was way too thick; (2) it’s a seasonal flavor. So … I guess, add more milk and put it on the menu permanently, and then we can safely move this one into the marry category.


Marry: Premium Mickey Bar, Everywhere

Premium Mickey Bar (Mouse on the Mind)

Oh, Mickey Bar. What is there to say about you that hasn’t already been written over and over? You’re cool and creamy, and your chocolate shell yields just-so without crumbling into a million little pieces. Sure, you’re pretty similar to thousands of other vanilla-covered-with-chocolate bars … but there’s just something about your perfectly round ears, ultra-creamy vanilla and perfectly melty chocolate that makes you an icon and makes me powerless against you.

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