Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Princesses

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopYou are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill Boff Marry, where given the choice between three people, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with and spend the rest of your life with.

Estelle from  This Happy Place Blog and I decided to transform the  game into a WDW-themed version called Kill Refurb Marry. Our little game grew in popularity, and a few months ago, we decided to add a little Blog Hop action to the game so we can all link up!

This is the ninth Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop! I hope lots of Disney bloggers will join in the fun. You can check out their links on this month’s the Kill Refurb Marry homepage.

This month, we’re sounding off on Disney Princesses! And Dan from At Disney Again is playing with me!


Kill: Snow White (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

Snow White Topiary (Photo by At Disney Again)We’re killing Snow White. Seriously. We’re done. DONE WITH HER!

Why? For starters, there’s her voice. We know: that horrible high-pitched whine was considered normal (and even desirable) in the 1930s, but we just don’t care. It’s grating.

But even on mute, Snow White is obnoxious! She’s lazy. She sits on her butt while the forest animals clean the house. And all the while, she acts like it’s fun to clean. No, girl! You didn’t actually clean anything! Then: She takes a nap. Bossing other creatures around is hard work.

Yea, she is really, really bossy. And talks down to the Dwarves. And let’s not even get started into how utterly obnoxious it is that she just waltzes into their home in the middle of the work day and makes herself comfortable.

We get it: She had a rough childhood. But that doesn’t make any of her behaviors acceptable, adorable or even remotely excusable!

Refurb: Pocahontas (from Pocahontas)

Pocahontas (Photo by At Disney Again)Our biggest problem with Pocahontas: She’s wispy. In all ways.

She’s small and slight … literally, she seems physically weak. That isn’t, in and of itself, such a terrible thing, but she also seems to have no agency.

She kind of just lets things happen around her. For example, she doesn’t want to marry Kocoum, but she seems like she’s just going to let it happen.

She’s sold as this strong-willed female character, but in fact, everything about her–from her voice to her coloring–feels very monotone.

We don’t dislike her so much as we think she is utterly forgettable. Let’s make her a little stronger, give her something to be really passionate about … something that’s not a big, burly man that she just met and can’t even talk to.

Marry: Rapunzel (from Tangled)

Rapunzel and Melissa (Photo by At Disney Again)Oh, Rapunzel. If we could only enjoy one Disney Princess for the rest of time, it would be … well, it would be a pretty tough choice for Melissa (between Rapunzel and Ariel), but … we think you’re just tops!


It’s her zest for life. Her passionate love of books and art and new experiences. She has, as Dan notes, the best house and the best pet.

She’s also bold and brazen, willing to stand up to her mother, redirect the thugs at the Snuggly Duckling and take control over a very perilous intruder-in-her-house situation.

Embracing the adventure of life, when it’s time to go, she goes. And then she has a wonderful time doing so. This is so unlike other Princesses, who are mostly forced into their adventure by a malevolent force.

And even though she’s absolutely gorgeous, Rapunzel isn’t vain. She runs around barefoot, her hair dragging through the dirt. And when Flynn cuts off her luscious locks at the end of the film and her hair changes from an enviable blonde to a less-desirable chestnut, she doesn’t bat an eye. She rocks that bob like it was the hair she was always meant to have. And if that’s not truly regal, we don’t know what is.

Dating On The Side: Anna (from Frozen)

Anna from Frozen While we’re not ready to put a ring on it, we both really, really love Anna, Elsa’s much-more-awesome sister from Frozen.

She’s so quirky, optimistic, fun and very much herself. She approaches everything with an absolutely charming sense of wonder and delights in life.

Like Rapunzel, in the face of epic loneliness, she self-entertains, resulting in an independent, funny, multi-talented young woman who we would want to be friends with in real life. No question. We just want to wrap her up in our arms and give her a big, huge hug.

Dan especially loves how unselfish and giving she is, especially her deep and unfailing love of Elsa. (Who maybe wasn’t really deserving of so much faith.) And Melissa? She’s digging the awkward klutziness. Because she can really, really relate.

We haven’t seen Frozen as many times as we’ve seen Tangled yet, but … Punzy may have a run for her money …


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