Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Parks Transportation

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopYou know that super fun game, Kill Boff Marry?  Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I play a WDW-themed version called Kill Refurb Marry on the second Wednesday of every month. And now we’ve invited all of YOU lovely people to play along. In fact, you can see a full list of all of the beautiful bloggers who’re participating this month.

This is the twelfth Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop! I can barely even believe it! This month–just in time for movie night with the ones we love most–we’re sounding off on our favorite (and least favorite) songs from Disney Animated Films.

I think this topic may have been my idea? Which is sort of ironic because, once I started really thinking about it, I simply couldn’t kill any of the options. Nope. Can’t do it! Just can’t.

Refurb: Disney Bus Service

New WDW buses

Disney Buses are a necessary evil. And I’ll even admit to sort of loving them, especially after a long day at the Parks. A bus pulling into the paddock for my resort when I’m sweaty, footsore and totally exhausted can seem heaven sent.

BUT that’s also the problem: It shouldn’t feel heaven sent because I shouldn’t have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get on a bus at 1 a.m. Or n the pouring rain at 2 p.m. Or any time, really. So I’d like to decimate the entire fleet of stinky, gross Disney buses and replace them with some super cool double-decker models. Like those tour buses in New York or the red London buses. More room. Less wait time. Plus … two decks are so much cooler than one.

Date: Walt Disney World Railroad

Walt Disney World Rail Road (At Disney Again)

Can you think of a more magical mode of transport? It’s not too fast. It doesn’t have a single bad stop. And that train whistle is just magical. If there wasn’t a soothing, rhythmic loop around the Most Magical Place on Earth, I’d be pretty sad, but I don’t think I’d miss it for too long. It’s not central to my Disney experience; it just makes it a little better. For that reason, I’m just dating it.

Marry: Water Transportation

Friendship Boats on the World Showcase Lagoon (Mouse on the Mind)

Launches. Cruisers. Ferries. Frienships. They’re all so wonderfully wonderful in their own way. They take you where you need to go (a total bonus for transportation) but they do it in literally the most relaxing way possible. The wind in your hair. The sound of water lapping at a dock. The gentle sway of getting from point A to point B. It’s the best. I could ride boats all day. And I definitely have spent hours riding Crescent Lake, Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake with no destination in mind. To me, a 15-minute ride down the Sassagoula River isn’t a waste of time–it’s an attraction itself.


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