Kill Refurb Marry: Animal Kingdom Drinks

Kill Refurb Marry Blog HopYou are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill Boff Marry, where given the choice between three people, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with and spend the rest of your life with.

Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and I decided to transform the  game into a WDW-themed version called Kill Refurb Marry. Our little game grew in popularity, and a few months ago, we decided to add a little Blog Hop action to the game so we can all link up!

This is the eighth Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop! I hope lots of Disney bloggers will join in the fun. You can check out their links on the Kill Refurb Marry homepage.

This month, we’re ranking Animal Kingdom Drinks

Kill: Big Bamboo at Yak & Yeti

On a recent trip, Dan from At Disney Again and I stopped in to Yak and Yeti for a nice sit down lunch and a respite from the hot Florida sun. I was feeling adventurous, so while Dan snapped photos of the restaurant, I ordered one of the bar’s specialty drinks: A Big Bamboo.

It sounds good. It starts with two kinds of rum (coconut and light) and ends with Disney’s signature blend of tropical fruit juices. But I neglected to take note of the third ingredient: Banana Liqueur. Even that sounds okay, in theory. But in practice … yuck. The drink was already sweet from the juices, but the liqueur really took it way over the threshold of good taste and into “Very Much Too Sweet” territory.


Refurb: Frozen Chai at Royal Anandapur Tea Company

I’ve always been curious about this little tea cart between Africa and Asia. It’s so cute, and I am a super big tea drinker … but who wants a cup of hot tea in the Florida heat? So I was really excited, a couple of years ago, when I noticed a frozen chai on the drink menu here.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Not only did the sip clock in at more than $5, but it was a terrible consistency! My expectations weren’t exactly high: I was thinking, like, if 7-11 made a Chai Tea Slurpee. But what I got was more like a solid brick of ice crystals with some watery chai tea sunk to the bottom of the cup. I wish it had been more/better blended together so that I could enjoy the cool, icy treat I expected instead of the cold, watery mess I ended up with.


Marry: Iced Coffee with Amarula at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

This, though … yum! I’ll take two, please!

The coffee at Kusafiri is good–nice and strong but not too bitter–and the sweet, creamy Amarula adds the perfect balance. A lot of reviews compare Amarula, a South African liqueur, to Bailey’s, but I don’t think there’s any comparison. Amarula is much more velvety and much less astringent with buttery, warm caramel tones that blends into coffee in a way that Bailey’s can’t match.

Get on it, people! Or don’t … more for me!


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