Kill – Refurb – Marry: Animal Kingdom Eats

You are probably familiar with the popular parlor game, Kill – Boff – Marry, where given the choice between three things, you must decide which you’d murder, sleep with or spend the rest of your life with. Estelle and I love to hate that game. So we play every month for your reading pleasure!

This month, we decided to focus on Animal Kingdom! And me, being hungry, for some reason took that as an excuse to critique the Park’s food service offerings, while Estelle, being less hungry, explored the Park’s amazing spaces and places. As always, these are our opinions, so if you don’t like them … write a guest post and let everyone know what you think!

KILL: Rainforest CafeRainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom

You guys, WHY? Why is this here? I mean, I get it. It’s RAINFOREST CAFE and it’s Animal Kingdom Park. But it’s a little spot on, don’t you think? And can we talk about the animatronic animals? Really? Is that really necessary?  While I’m eating? Between the garish decor and the boring, flavorless food, I never want to go back. And just imagine what Disney imagineering could do with all of that space … Burn it to the ground and start over!


REFURB: Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom

I really super love Tamu Tamu. The wonderfully unassuming facade, the  adventurous menu, the super relaxing seating area. It’s pretty much the perfect thing in the perfect spot at the perfect time, and I love it more than anything. Except … the ordering process is so messy and confusing. You order, then go around a corner and there’s waiting and lots of people and even more puzzled faces. Fix it up, Disney!


MARRY: Restaurantosaurus

Restaurantosaurus in Animal KingdomI’ve written this before, but Restaurantosaurus really is an attraction in its own right. There’s so much to see and explore here that I’ve literally spent hours picking out the details and delighting in their awesomeness. Nothing is there by accident. Everything moves the story forward. Even the music! And you can complain all you want, but the food here is actually downright decent. The Veggie Subosaurus is spot on, and I love their perfectly-portioned kids meals–served in a pail with a shovel! So much love.

So that’s my list. Now go see what Estelle thinks! Share yours in the comments below!

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