Saturday Something: It’s a Twister!

Oz+tornadoSo now that we’ve established my creepy childhood obsession with The Wizard of Oz and now that some of you have (hopefully) seen Oz the Great and Powerful, let’s have a little fun, shall we?

The new Oz movie has the guys and gals at Movoto Blog thinking deep, seriously geeky thoughts. To wit:

The new film started us thinking about one of “The Wizard of Oz’s” most important scenes. Near the beginning of the film our heroine Dorothy Gale hides in her house from a tornado, or as the farmhands call it a “twister.” As Dorothy hides the farmhouse is whisked away by the tornado.

One thing we’ve always thought about is whether the tornado could actually move Dorothy’s house. Instead of sitting around, we decided to figure it out.

So they did. You guys, they built a pretty funny little widget that calculates whether or not your home could be picked up and tossed about by a tornado. (For the record, my home COULD be picked up by a tornado. So … yay?)

But not satisfied to simply drop a widget and run, the team at Movoto goes into pretty explicit detail about how they set up the formula and how they figured out the dimensions of the Gale farm. It’s right up my nerd alley.

Could a tornado pick up your house and drop it on a witch? Let us know in the comments! 

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