It Reminds Me Of Home, Part Two

DSNY (Mouse on the Mind)

I moved a couple of years ago. It was a whole thing. I relocated, got a new job, left my husband … like I said, it was a thing.

At the time, I wrote a post about all of the little reminders of Disney that were around my then-home that I was going to miss. But I didn’t really get a chance to miss them for long. Because my house sat on the market for over a year after I left. Which was a pretty big bummer. And meant I had to return to my old stomping grounds a few times to handle adult things. Boo.

On one of those return trips, I ran into one other little Disney thing that I missed and found three new ones. Crazy, right?

This first one was on my route between home and the grocery store: a dragon weather vane! I would drive by it at least once a week, and it always made me think of Elliot. And Figment. So it was definitely a smile-maker.

Dragon Weather Vane (Mouse on the Mind)The three new reminders came when I visited an auto shop that also rents trucks (you know … for moving the things). I pulled up to find an exquisitely intricately carved bear bench that immediately made me think of Wilderness Lodge.

Then, when I got inside, there were two absolutely beautiful dalmatians sprawled on a couch on the shop floor. It was Pongo and Purdy! Or, at least, in my head it was. (They totally LOOKED like my cartoon friends, but these dogs were sort of cranky, so we didn’t cuddle.)

Pongo and Perty (Mouse on the Mind)

On my way out of the shop, I noticed the shop owner’s licence plate …

Tow Mater Plate (Mouse on the Mind)

Cute, no?  (Not nearly as cute as the Tow Mater I saw in South Carolina last year … but cute.)

Do you have any Disney touchstones near home? Share them in the comments below! 


(Note: the header image is a roadside scribble that stands for Department of Sanitation of New York. I used to walk by it all the time with my dog. Once, when I was having an internal debate about whether or not I should cancel a trip, we walked by this and it was like a sign. Of course I should go to Disney!) 

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