It Reminds Me Of Home: At The Zoo

A morning at the park (Mouse on the Mind)There’s this deli near my apartment. They make the best breakfast sandwiches. The only problem: it’s small. Really small. No tables. No chairs.

But there is a huge park nearby. Lots of picnic tables, playgrounds and walking trails. So occasionally, on a weekend morning, I’ll pick up a sandwich and then head to the park (occasionally with George … even more occasionally with Dan from At Disney Again).

Saturday was one of those days.

There’s also a small zoo located in the park. I’ve never been, but I think it’s about time. So after breakfast this morning, I walked over to the ticket booth to get some information about its hours, seasons and pricing. And I was super thrilled and surprised to find a tribute to Disney’s villains at the entrance as part of their Halloween celebration!

How much do you love this?! They even have Marshmallow!! I love it a whole heck of a lot!

And even better: there’s a train ride through and around the zoo. So it’s double the Walt Disney-ish fun for a very, very low price … and just a quick ride from home! And while I didn’t go in for a visit today, I’m definitely hoping to stop by sometime in the next couple of weeks to enjoy the Halloween celebration.

I love Disney-themed Halloween decorations! If you do too, tell us about your favorites in the comments below!