Iron Man 3 (Spoiler Free!)

If you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet, chances are, you’re still trying to remain unspoiled. I won’t ruin that for you. But I will tell you just a few of the things I totally loved about this super fun action flick!

For starters, this really shouldn’t be called Iron Man 3 because it’s more akin to Tony Stark’s Avengers sequel than to the previous two movies. Which I loved. A lot.

Not to say that I didn’t love Iron Man 3. I did. A lot.

Iron Man 3
Oh hi. I’m Iron Man. NBD.

But it feels like a very different movie. It’s still funny, but it’s darker and much more complex than our previous experiences with Tony and friends.

Part of the fact that it’s more complicated is that there are a lot of subplots and movie tropes happening here. That makes it a much richer cinematic experience, but it also means there’s a shitload to unpack. I wouldn’t mind seeing the film again two or even three more times.

Not only does Don Cheadle’s Col. Rhodes get his own subplot, but Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts also gets a lot more screen time sans Stark (and apparently, that subplot was originally even more dark and twisty). The stories are very personal, very close to Stark.

There’s a lot here. There’s some much-beloved McGuyver action from Stark. There’s a bin Laden-level terrorist threat. There’s aspects of the buddy comedy. Aspects of a great love story. And even a nod to the classic modern versus primitive moment from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost ArK. Which, duh, is amazing.

Robert Downey Jr., left, as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts
There is a GREAT love story sandwiched between the action

Many many little plot twists, complex subplots and some big-ass surprises don’t, of course, replace what we love about Iron Man: The effortless charm and wry wit. And there is a metric ton of the amazing, hilarious one-liners we’ve come to know and love from our favorite billionaire in a tin can. For example …

Two Things That Make Me A Nerd:

At one point, Stark mentions that there are two girls and a guy. (I won’t spoil the context.) And when he said it, I laughed out loud. I was, of course, the only person in the entire packed theatre who had seen (and loved) Robert Downey Jr’s first turn as a super cool playboy (with the most amazing loft I’ve ever seen ever).

Stark also refers to one of the film’s baddies as “Westworld,” which is, so so so apt. And so so so amazing. On so many levels. Because the bad guy (played by James Badge Dale) really does look a lot like Yul Brynner in Westworld. And Dale’s “bad guy powers” as well as the way he stalks Stark TOTALLY reminded me of Brynner’s android. And Westworld was heavily inspired by Walt’s vision for Disney Parks. So. Many. Levels.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man gets his suit handed to him.

Speaking of the “bad guys,” they are AH-mazing! I promised no spoilers, so I won’t spoil anything but … damn! They are pretty cool as movie monsters go. Watch out for the super cool glowing tattoos in the final battle scene. I WANT THOSE!

I really, really dug those tattoos. And the film in general. If you’ve been considering seeing it or putting it off or just too damn busy, I’d encourage you to head to the theatre and see it this weekend.

Have you seen it? Are you headed to see it this weekend? Tell me what you thought!! 

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