Saturday Something: Interviewing Imagineers

Walt Disney ImagineeringWhen I’m not wasting countless hours on twitter or writing about how much I love Disney World, I’m usually … writing about other things. Seriously. They pay me to do that. In real money. It’s sort of the best job in the world, and I am so, so blessed that I am able to get paid to do something I love.

And while any day that I can get out of bed, sit in front of a computer and make sentences is a good day in my book, some days I get extra, ultra, over-the-top lucky. On those days, I find myself talking to and writing about a Disney Imagineer. It’s only happened twice, but each time, the experience fills me with renewed energy and excitement for  my life and my work.

The first time, I was assigned to write about Toby Pugh, director of Facilities Standards and Specifications at Walt Disney Imagineering. Turns out, he and I went to the same college, and the alum magazine asked me to profile him for a special issue dedicated to the theme of “home.” 

I felt so fortunate to speak with him, and we had a great conversation about what makes Disney special and how much we both love Soarin. We still e-mail occasionally, and I hope that someday we’ll be able to meet up in a Disney Park. You can read the full story on my personal blog or see it in all of it’s pretty laid-out glory (it’s on page 42).

The second time was much more recent: just last week, in fact! I was assigned to write about a unique holiday light show at work, and as I started researching the man behind the show, I discovered that he was Ric Turner,  a production designer and technical director for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Ric is an interesting, passionate guy–deeply into his hobbies and lucky enough to be able to pursue them to the highest level. We talked nerdy stuff (microcontrollers and circuits), but we also connected over our love of chiptunes. You can read the full story on Electronic Products.

Hopefully, as time goes on, I’ll get the opportunity to talk to and meeting with even more Imagineers! They’re such an interesting, talented and creative bunch. It’s a total privilege to be able to talk to them about how they do their thing!!

Have you had an opportunity to meet an Imagineer? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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