In The Year Of The Rooster

Year of the RoosterHappy Lunar New Year! Starting today, we’re officially in the Year of the Rooster. According to Chinese myth and legend, roosters symbolize honesty, moral fortitude and fortune. (Traits we’re all going to need in the coming years…) In honor of this auspicious year, meet my five favorite Disney roosters, presented in no particular order (because I hate all birds pretty equally … even if they are cool, movie birds):

(from Monsters, Inc.)
Ted (Monsters Inc)Not the most traditional candidate on this list, but, well … what would you call him? If it clucks like a rooster, you’ve gotta believe it’s a rooster, right? That’s why Ted, a massive, Godzilla-like scarer who works with Mike and Sulley at Monsters, Inc., is here. (I was a little scared to leave him off, truth be told.)


Hick Rooster
(from Cock o’ the Walk)
Cock o the WalkHick Rooster finds a spot on this list because I have a soft spot for an underdog. And, boy, is he an underdog! He’s a sweet, gentle rooster. A lover, not a fighter. But when a prize-winning boxer comes to town and steals his girl, Hick Rooster is pushed too far. Luckily, after he gets beat to a pulp by the “World Champion” bully, she takes pity on him and gives him the strength to vanquish his foe. It’s a pretty gender-blind, misogynistic tale, but I love the fun dancing and Hick Rooster’s pluck. (You can watch the full eight-minute short here.)


(from Moana)
HeiHeiLook, guys, if you haven’t seen Moana yet, I highly, highly recommend it. It manages to be sweet, empowering and fun all at the same time, and I definitely loved it. And HeiHei played a part in why I loved it so much! He is one of the stupidest characters ever, an accidental adventurer, and so-so entertaining. (But no spoilers about his story in case you haven’t seen the film yet!)


Cocky Locky
(from Chicken Little)
Chicken LittleRewatching this classic short to write this post made me realize how absolutely appropriate this cartoon is for our modern times. Terrifyingly, so, in fact. Despite its dark undertones, I have great respect for Cocky–he’s quick to call bullshit when Chicken Little insists that the sky is falling, and he’s the only fowl on the farm who doesn’t get eaten by Foxy Loxy. Good on ya, mate.  (You can watch the full 10-minute short here.)


(from Robin Hood)
Alan_A_DaleThis fowl minstrel keeps the story moving forward by acting as a sort of narrator for Disney’s Robin Hood. You’ll probably remember his stirring number, “Oo-De-Lally.” And I’m sure you know it’ll be stuck in your head for weeks. You’re welcome.

Do you have a favorite Disney rooster? Did I miss anyone? Tell me about it in the comments.