Imagineering Awesome: Train of Thought

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Today’s post comes to us from former cast member and first-rate bloger Craig of Disney Nerd Blog. He’s come up with a really cool take on Pixar’s most-recent blockbuster … and his idea is super thrifty, too! Check it out: 

imagineering_awesome When I was a kid, some of my favorite books were the Dr. Seuss “If I Ran…” series.  They only had two books, If I Ran the Zoo and If I Ran the Circus, but I still remember them fondly.  The zoo book opened like this, “’But if I ran the zoo,’ said young Gerald McGrew, ‘I’d make a few changes. That’s just what I’d do…’” And I have to admit that as much as I LOVE Disney theme parks and how fascinated I am with the way they run them, I find myself thinking along the same lines as young Gerald McGrew.  I’d make a few changes, that’s what I’d do!

When Melissa asked me to write about something I would do with unlimited money and resources, I thought of too many things and had to narrow it down.  I was torn between Escape From Mos Eisley (obviously Star Wars themed) and this one.  My Imagineering Awesome adventure would be an Inside Out attraction at Disneyland!

In my head (get it?), I’m picturing it in place of the Carousel of Progress / America Sings / Innoventions building.  It could easily retain the same basic structure but with new interior.  I’m thinking the ride would be a hybrid between Star Tours and Mission: Space.  Like Body Wars but less military-oriented and more fun.  But I’m getting a-“head” of myself.


The ride would utilize the old Peoplemover track that’s been sitting around forever.  When it was going, even though the technology was dated, it still gave the area a greater “Tomorrowland” feel.  On a side note, I would also get rid of the Astro Orbiter.  Whoever put that upfront had no sense of flow.  It not only makes entry and exit into Tomorrowland excessively crowded, but instead of feeling like “tomorrow” is more open, it feels like we only have a crowded future to look forward to. So the queue would begin where the old Peoplemover track started and people would board the Train of Thought which would go through the tunnel near Space Mountain and “shrink” the passengers to be able to enter the brain. You would enter the attraction on the second level of what was once Innoventions and would move through a queue that would be narrated by the different feelings.

The queue would basically be a tour of Headquarters from the film with props and even insight into the different feelings’ rooms.  The guest would be an EIT – Emotion in Training and in that way it would be like Mission: Space.  Guests would take a recall tube (elevator) down to the training center and enter into modules designed with their own emotions board like that in the movie.  The unit (instead of spinning like Mission: Space) would be a free-standing hydraulic module that could move and simulate motion (sort of like Star Tours).


The biggest difference is that while certain portions of the ride would be like Mission: Space so that each person would get to have a turn, some of the actions would be determined by vote.  Each person would have all five emotions available to them and vote on what the person should be feeling, the consequences of which would play out differently each time.  Ultimately, everything would end up okay and each person would be congratulated on a job well done as they return by Train of Thought to the real world (and of course dumped into a place where they could buy lots of Inside Out souvenirs).

Anyway, that’s the rough sketch of my Imagineering Awesome attraction.  Hope they make it into a ride someday.

I love how multi-faceted this one is … It’s almost like two rides in one!! What do you think?