Imagineering Awesome: Remy’s Culinary Caper

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“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” – Chef Auguste Gusteau

Remy’s Culinary Caper is a locked room adventure meets signature dining experience, with a bit of backstage magic thrown in.

The premise: A group of 15 guests will embark on a culinary tour with renowned Disney chefs, learning culinary skills while observing and participating in the preparation of a signature meal for a group of VIPs.

The twist: Guests become part of the action when things go terribly wrong in the kitchen. Can you save the day, and the meal, before the entrees are plated?

The details: Remy’s Culinary Caper is located in a new show building behind the France Pavilion, which has been transformed into a replica of Gusteau’s–complete with front-of-house splendor, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a full pantry (with a secret underground tunnel to Living with the Land!).


The facilitators of this experience are culinary personnel and chefs from around property. Or are they…? Sprinkled in among the chefs and the other guests are a few plants–people who may not be who they at first appear to be.

Photo_C_RCC The experience starts with introductions and backstories, along with a tour of the kitchen, pantry, and front of house. Pay close attention–things you see and hear may be important clues later on! After some culinary instruction and getting a feel for the lay of the land, it’s time to get down to business. Work groups are assigned, and everyone gets into the spirit of helping to create an amazing signature dining experience, for ourselves as well as for a group of VIPs who will be arriving shortly.


We’re getting to know each other, doing some casual prep work, sampling delicacies, and drinking selections from the wine cellar. Just when we start to get loose, confident, and comfortable in the kitchen… someone turns up dead! Nobody has come in or out since the experience began…so the culprit must be among us! The show must go on, though, and our VIPs are expected soon. This meal is of the utmost importance, and failure to get it served could jeopardize the very existence of Walt Disney World itself! We can’t let that happen–we MUST complete our challenge, but we must also determine the culprit!

The most minute detail could lead to important information. Remember that crumpled delivery invoice you spotted near the kitchen door? Or how about the way Chef So-and-So’s story about becoming a CM didn’t quite add up? And those odd looking vegetables that supposedly came from the Land Pavilion? They’re going to need a second look…


Will chaos ensue, or will your group be able to solve the mystery and get the VIP meal out on time? The clock is ticking- and the food is cooking–while you scramble to assess the scene of the crime, search for clues, and work together to figure out whodunit- all before the final dinner bell rings!

Do you have a Clue who-dun-it? Does it even matter when it sounds like so much fun? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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